Dealing with Smoke Damage Vancouver WA

by | Jan 23, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Smoke damage refers to the destruction of interiors as a result of small fires or near fire threats that only leave the house filled with smoke. Such damage can be as little as the odour left in the house and also as extreme as having black soot on the walls and on everything around the house. Any damage that results from excess smoke can be seriously disturbing due to the financially implications and also the mental trauma of seeing your valuables in such a state. Dealing with smoke damage requires a good level of training and professional knowledge in order to restore a house back to its original glamour. This can only be possible if carried out by a restoration contractor who has undergone all the training in dealing with smoke damage at its different levels.

Whenever disaster strikes and your home is left damaged with soot stains and with the choking odour, it is advisable to have the experts in restoration service take a look at the extent of the damage and recommend the most appropriate method to deal with the damages. However, before these contractors arrive, there are a number of measures that you can personally take at home so as to commence the restoration process.

One of the first steps to take is to cover the different parts of the house that have not suffered the smoke damage, Vancouver WA but are at risk of getting soot on them, these include the carpets and furniture that could be further soiled by the soot. You can then begin the process of brushing away the soot and even using a vacuum cleaner so as to remove the excess soot. These are usually left deposited on drapes, carpets and on walls. Removing them in advance will reduce the restoration contractor’s job.

It is important that any uncovered food be thrown away since they are already contaminated. The soot particles may have ended up in the food and this can pause a hazard health especially if eaten. Keep food covered all through the restoration process since the process of brushing and cleaning the soot could cause further soot contamination.

If you have an air filter, it is advisable to replace it since soot can cause it to clog up and thereby reduce its effectiveness in the air cleaning process. This is meant to also hasten the smoke odour extraction. Other typical measures includes opening of windows to further encourage ventilation. Home owners are advised not to attempt restoration of electricals when dealing with smoke damage due to the hazard of electrocution.

Smoke damage, Vancouver WA restoration contractors can respond to a call within 24hours. When they finally arrive, the extent of work that you have done during this time reduces the amount of work making the restoration process faster.

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