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Criminal Attorney North Richland Hills is a legal professional who offers representation for individuals who are accused of criminal offenses. These offenses encompass a vast number of misdemeanor and felony charges, which possess different classifications. The classifications are based on the severity of the crime. The lawyers who select this field are familiar with state and federal laws that apply to these offenses, potential fines, and the probable sentence for each offense.

Posting Bond
Typically, the accused appears before a judge during an arraignment before bond is posted. Once the judge establishes a bond amount the accused is allowed to post bond through a bonding agent based on the judge’s instructions. The representative selected by the accused is allowed to submit a bond to the court for release. The individual accused of a criminal offense receives notification of their assigned court appearance associated with the offense.

Felonies in Texas
Felony offenses in the state of Texas are subject to maximum fines of $10,000. Probable sentences for the accused if he or she is proven guilty ranges from six months to life. Realize, however, if the crime in which the individual is accused is classified as a capital offense, he or she may face the death penalty. A felony charge additionally may revoke the individual’s right to vote and ownership of firearms.

Misdemeanors in Texas
Misdemeanors are considered less severe crimes and fall within three classifications. Class-A misdemeanors are the least serious of these crime classifications. An individual charged with a misdemeanor offense may receive a sentence of no more than one year and fines that do not exceed $4,000. The number of previous offenses may affect the way in which a misdemeanor charge is classified.

Criminal Attorney North Richland Hills
The Law Office Of A. Oliver Hassibi Ft Worth offers legal representation for anyone with the help of professional Criminal Attorney in North Richland Hills region. This law office only provides counsel for criminal charges. The criminal offenses covered include but not limited to drug charges, weapon’s charges, protective order violations, and credit card abuse. Counsel is available for both felony and misdemeanor charges.


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