Cook County Search Engine Specialists Change the Marketing Conversation

by | Jul 5, 2024 | Digital Marketing

Generative artificial intelligence applications have made such a splash in the computer industry that some experts are now suggesting that search engine optimization is going by the wayside. A group of writers and technicians from a digital marketing company in Chicago are bucking this trend and have actually said that it’s become more important than ever. For one thing, AI search apps are looking for the same things that conventional engines are. That means businesses that have good content will end up getting traffic from these services as well.

According to representatives from a digital marketing company in Chicago, individual netizens are likely to trust traditional content much more than anything that’s machine made. Handcrafted material is going to present a much safer image to most users, which is why companies that need to get customers in the local area will still want to do things the traditional way. That doesn’t mean that they should rely on the dated tricks that people once used during the Web 1.0 era, however.

Content, as the saying goes, is king and search engines are going to rank sites more highly if they have material that’s written with human beings in mind. A few of the major ones might be ranking down automatically generated prose, which means it’s very important for site administrators to add high-quality material that will help them stand out.

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