Coming Up with Ideas for New Decks in Long Island NY

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Everything about the house is perfect, with one exception. The addition of a deck would provide the ideal spot for spending time outdoors. Since there are so many different designs for Decks in Long Island NY, it pays to spend a little time comparing options. Here are some pointers that will make it possible to come up with the perfect deck plan.

The Amount of Square Footage

Think about the amount of room available for a deck. Remember that the structure will have to be a certain distance from any property line. Building too close could cause some issues, especially if a neighbor has not provided permission in the form of an easement. A contractor can help the homeowner consider ideas for new Decks in Long Island NY that fit neatly into the available space and will not create any legal issues to resolve.

How Many Tiers for the Deck?

There is no rule that says a deck can only be one level or tier. Depending on the slope of the back yard, it may be reasonable to have one tier that is even with the back door, plus a lower level that is connected with the aid of a set of steps. More than one level will make it possible to set aside spaces for specific activities. For example, one area can be for enjoying the sun while a different level is reserved for grilling out and sitting down to eat.

The Materials Used in the Construction

Many different types of materials can be used to create a deck. Consider designs that make the most of wood, metal, and even vinyl elements. A combination will help add visual interest to the deck and may even increase the safety or security of the space.

For any homeowner who wants to learn more about Patios and the many options for designs, call a contractor today. After taking a good look at the space and learning more about what the owner would like to do with the deck, it will be easy to come up with the right design. Once the design is approved and the owner is happy with the price, the work can get underway immediately. Browse their website here.

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