Choosing Wedding Receptions Fort Wayne IN

by | May 22, 2015 | Business

The most exciting day awaits a happy young woman: her wedding day. It is a day both mothers and daughters dream of making as special and romantic as possible. Before they can experience the beauty of a wedding, however, there is quite a bit of planning to do. Beyond the rings, wedding gown, and flowers is a very important decision, where will the wedding reception be held? What kind of facility will hold the guests and create an environment that will make the appropriate send off for the bride and groom. This will be the first party as husband and wife and it needs to be the best of celebrations.

When deciding on a venue for Wedding Receptions Fort Wayne IN, consider using a facility that will be a two-for-one for the new couple. A wedding venue that also has an on-site caterer is such a wonderful idea. Imagine the stress that is lifted off the bride’s family as preparations get underway when they do not have to go out and search separately for both. A facility such as the one available at Classic Cafe will provide everything a wedding reception needs from the linens¬†to tableware to the food and beverages. Call for a consultation and mark two things all the long to-do list.

Calling for a consultation is very important. The bride will need to check the costs of all that is included in the package. What kinds of foods are wanted? Will tastings be available? Does the facility provide a bar and bartender? At a consultation, all of the questions can be answered by a planner who has the knowledge and expertise to listen to the wants of the couple and make their Wedding Receptions Fort Wayne IN dreams come true. Be sure to look into having the wedding reception catered and hosted in the same place. This is less stress for both families and the professionals at the event center will do all they can to make sure the day goes off without a hitch and the couple has a memory to last a lifetime.

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