Heating oil in Madison is one of the most popular means of heating residential homes and with good reason. Oil creates 140,000 BTUs of heat for each gallon burned, while gas produces less than 100,000. That’s not the only benefit, though.

It’s Safe

Unlike some other means of heating homes, heating oil is not explosive. It only ignites using an oil-burner or furnace, making it extremely safe for use in residential homes. Even if a leak should occur, there is no possibility of unwanted combustion.

It’s Efficient

Modern heating oil offers efficiency ratings of 85-95%. What that means is that for each dollar spent on heating oil, 85-95 cents worth of heat is produced. This percentage is much higher than other sources of heat.

It’s Economical

Annual heating costs for homes that use Heating Oil in Madison are consistently lower than those associated with electricity or natural gas. This is largely thanks to its significantly higher efficiency, and it’s lower cost.

It’s Clean

When properly maintained, heating oil systems create no dirt, soot, or odors. Plus, modern systems feature a significantly lower sulfur content of an average of .25%. Plus, heating oil does not have a negative impact on air quality, producing far lower particulate emissions than other forms of home heating.

It’s Green

Correctly installed heating oil tanks do not pose a danger to human health or to the environment more generally. Heating oil is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-carcinogenic, while electric, coal, and wood heated systems tend to have a harmful effect on air quality.

It’s Convenient

While homeowners whose households use natural gas or electricity for heating are left at the mercy of grid suppliers, those who choose heating oil can keep their fuel supplies right on their properties. That means no matter how cold it gets outside, homeowners and their families will always have enough oil to stay warm, while those that use gas may experience severe drops in heat due to pressure issues during extended cold spells.

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