Ask the Dentists in Haleiwa About Your Gum Health

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Dentist

There are many aspects to keeping a person’s smile healthy, but there is one area that is often overlooked. Frequently, people do not properly consider the health of their gum tissue and do all they can to protect it. Gum tissue is crucial for good oral health. The gums feed the teeth and provide them with the blood flow they need. If a person’s gums are not healthy, this can directly affect the health of the teeth. The Dentists in Haleiwa can protect the health of a person’s gums and treat gum disease.

The signs of gum disease often begin subtly. A person will begin to experience redness and swelling in their gum tissue. As the gum tissue swells and becomes inflamed, it ends up bleeding when they brush. Many people overlook these symptoms and think they have simply brushed too hard so they do not seek dental treatment. If prompt treatment is carried out, a person can overcome their condition and it can be completely reversed.

If a person does not get the dental treatment they need, the condition will continue to progress. Eventually, a person will begin to experience the signs of periodontal disease. This form of gum disease can be difficult to treat and often leads to tooth loosening. As the gum condition continues, pockets of infection begin to develop and cause the teeth to loosen. If the gum disease is not properly treated, it can lead to massive tooth loss.

Treatment for gum disease that has progressed is intensive. The Dentists in Haleiwa will need to use strong antibiotics to bring the infection under control. In many cases, patients will also need laser gum therapy to help bring the gum swelling and inflammation under control. Gum therapy helps to shrink the gum tissue so it can begin to heal and protect the teeth so they are no longer in danger of being lost.

Those who are experiencing the signs of gum disease need to see their dentist as soon as possible. With treatment, a person can overcome their condition and protect the health of their smile. The sooner treatment is carried out, the less likely permanent damages will occur.

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