Applying proper insulation St. Louis homes need

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When it comes to insulation, St. Louis homeowners may need to update their existing methods. If inhabiting an older home, air and wind can seep in through cracks in the infrastructure of your home and raise your heating costs. In addition, your air conditioning costs will rise during the summer as your cooler air escapes out and warm air flows in. With proper insulation, St. Louis homes can avoid this wasted energy and instead be best prepared for the winter and summer months. By understanding how to properly insulate the home, you can be assured of a much warmer winter and much cooler summer for the maximum comfort of you and your family.

What types of insulation to select

If you have never upgraded the insulation levels in your home, you may be wondering just what type to choose. The main methods of insulation St. Louis residents can look into are in the windows, doors and siding. These three main components can make the difference between energy savings or energy depletion. Consulting with your local, professional insulation St. Louis based company can provide you with the options you need that are right for your home.


Unless it’s cracked or faded, many homeowners may not consider upgrading their siding and the benefits of insulation that siding provides. The siding of your home acts as a barrier against wind, rain, sleet, snow and other elements while also providing an insulated barrier for your home. There are many different types of siding to select from including wood, aluminum, fiberglass, cement fiber and asbestos. When it comes to basic insulation, St. Louis homeowners often select vinyl which is the most affordable option that also provides an adequate amount of insulation St. Louis homes need.

Windows & Doors

By upgrading your windows and doors, you can decrease energy costs significantly. These are the main locations where wind enters the home and air escapes. By selecting energy efficient windows and doors, you can be certain that your home will be properly protected during the colder and warmer months. Casement windows offer a tight, suctioned seal that keeps air inside the home where it belongs. An excellent option for energy efficient doors is steel. Steel doors offer a large amount of insulation St. Louis residents need during the colder months of the year. By finding a reputable company, you can receive a quote for the installation of new windows and doors in your home. It may even be possible to have them installed at the same time for added convenience.

By considering all the options for increased insulation, St. Louis residents will be able to save significantly on energy costs while efficiently maintaining ideal temperatures in their homes.

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