3 Ideas for Backyard. Landscape Lighting in Wichita, Kansas

Gone are the days of simply settling for a string of lights to accentuate the yard! Today, there are countless possibilities when it comes to Landscape Lighting in Wichita Kansas. While some ideas are simple and others more complex, it makes sense to hand the job off to a professional that understands how space should look and how to safely install the right type of lights. Here is a couple of ideas for how to use Landscape Lighting to create an ideal backyard space.

Accentuate Plants or Accessories

There are certain things in the backyard that deserve some extra attention. Whether it be a beautiful statue, a birdbath or even a small plot of beautiful flowers, be sure to bring these things to light in the evening. Use warmer lights like yellows or oranges when lighting something outside of the living plant world. When looking to point light towards specific plants, use cooler colors like white or even blue to get the most out of the color. You don’t need a large spotlight to create an accent. It can be a small light that is focused in a certain direction to achieve the desired look.

Outline Pathways

In addition to an aesthetic appeal, Landscape Lighting in Wichita Kansas area also works as a safety feature! Create lights along a pathway to make sure that a person can see his or her way while enjoying space. Add lights along the edges of stairs to keep someone from tripping while walking up or down. Much like the lights that accentuate a statue or plant, these lights don’t need to be super bright or blinding. Instead, just make sure that they point towards the footpath to keep a person moving in the right direction.

Create Well Lit Seating Space

Once outside, with the right lighting, you can encourage people to sit and stay awhile. Whether you plan on serving meals outside, or you just want a comfortable place to relax, using lighting to illuminate a sitting area. You can add lights to structures like ramadas or pergolas, or you can place lights somewhere along a table and chair to separate the area from the rest of the backyard. This soft lighting can create the perfect atmosphere within your backyard.

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