Despite its potential beauty, winter tends to bring a number of hazards along with it each year. Just as seasonal changes warrant having roofs inspected and heating systems assessed and repaired, Auto Maintenance Services in Toms River NJ, should be carried out before the ice and snow make their appearances. Though a number of aspects should be considered, a few take precedence when preparing a vehicle for colder weather.


As opposed to all-weather tires providing traction on roads during the warmer months, winter tires offer a handful of additional benefits for dealing with winter’s obstacles. Cold temperatures alone tend to wreak havoc on normal tires, but their counterparts are designed to better hold up under such conditions. Snow tires also provide more traction on ice while channeling snow and slush away from the surface of the rubber. This helps prevent slipping, sliding, and spinning out of control. Regardless of suspension, drivetrain or modern-day manufacturers’ features, winter tires should be placed on all four corners of the vehicle for optimum benefits. You can click here to get more details.


While tires specifically designed for winter use can go a long way toward improving control and stopping ability on the ice when the need arises, brakes also need to be in top shape when winter rolls around. If pads and shoes are wearing thin, the vehicle will need greater distances to stop. This tends to be compounded when snow and slush become an issue. Whether front or rear wheel drive, have the brakes inspected and replaced as needed.


Some prefer to use plain water as a coolant, and this is perfectly acceptable during warmer months. When the temperatures could drop below freezing, though, water does little to prevent cracked radiators and engine damage. In most areas of the country, a typical 50-50 mix will suffice, but some require more heavy-duty solutions. Speak with a technician well versed in Auto Maintenance Services in Toms River NJ, if you’re unsure of which type of coolant would be best for your vehicle.

With the right measures in place, almost any type of vehicle can better handle whatever winter may bring. This increases safety for those inside the car or truck as well as others on the road. Contact Affordable Automotive Service Center with questions or to schedule winter maintenance.

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