Why You Might Need More Condo Insurance in Brighton

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Insurace

The luxury and convenience of owning a condo brings many benefits and perks that can’t be enjoyed by those who own single family homes. Condo owners don’t have to worry about maintaining the lawn, dealing with removing snow and ice in the winter, or hiring someone to clean the gutters. These things are covered by the Condominium association to which they belong. Condo associations also typically have full coverage insurance as a part of their members paying their fees. However, the condo owner may need additional insurance. An agency that offers Condo Insurance in Brighton, Massachusetts has some information that will tell you why.

Obviously, the condo owner feels that if the unit is already covered by a master insurance policy, provided by the condo association, that should be sufficient. However, that policy only covers the items outside of the condo, such as the walkways and the pool. The condo owner will need additional coverage for the inside of the condo. This includes the interior portions such as the walls, ceilings, the various fixtures and the floors. It also covers individual bodily liability in case someone gets hurt inside your home.

If you purchase Condo Insurance in Brighton, MA, you may need additional special coverage. Such coverage is required if you live in incident-prone areas such as a flood plain, tornado alley, an earthquake zone, or wintry hazards such as might be experienced in Massachusetts. The master insurance policy would only cover damages pertaining to the outside of your unit, and nothing for the interior. To determine what type of coverage, and how much you should have, you will need to document all your property and personal items. This will aid in case of losses also.

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