Why Manufacturers are Chossing the Water Jet Method for Cutting

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Business

Today many businesses that need parts and materials precision cut are choosing Water Jet technology. Sometimes called a water jet cutter, these tools use extremely high-pressure jets of water to cut material. When cutting hard materials, like granite or metal, they often have abrasives added to aid the process. Water jetting may also be used to cut a variety of materials, such as rubber, or even food.

The process offers manufacturers a lot of benefits, which have made it very popular. Some of the reasons for choosing the Water Jet process are:

TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE MATERIALS: In industries such as mining or aerospace, machined parts are often made from materials which are temperature sensitive, so water jet cutting is often used. Since it does not use heat, the process does not affect materials’ properties. The water jet process solves the heat problems found in other cutting methods, while allowing parts to be precisely shaped, cut, or reamed.

ECO FRIENDLY AND SAFE: During water jet cutting, no gases are emitted, and no toxic chemicals are needed, making it earth friendly. The process also eliminates the need for finishing on many products, since edges are cut smoothly and finely. Water jet cutting produces less scrap metal than traditional methods, and the water used during cutting can be recycled. Abrasives that are used during cutting are non-toxic and can also be recycled. Since it reduces the number of dust particles, smoke and other airborne dangers, the process is much safer for operators.

PRECISION: The water jet cutting process is computerized. Cutting is precisely controlled, for consistent results. There is little chance of cut or design mistakes.

VARIETY: Water Jet cutters are available in many different sizes, to suit each customer’s needs. They can be designed and customized by the end users. Cutters can be expanded and altered as business needs change.

VERSATILITY: Many businesses have been able to adapt water jet cutting to their needs. It can effectively shape plastics, leather, and foam. It can cut through materials that are up to eighteen inches thick.

Today’s manufacturers are increasingly finding that water jet cutting can provide the precision cutting and shaping their products require, while keeping the work environment safe. They are also choosing the water jet method because it is so adaptable.

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