Why Do Many Injured Victims Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Mahopac, NY?

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Lawyers

Victims of serious car accidents are often left behind with injuries that cause them to be unable to work or function normally in their life. Unfortunately, accident victims can often feel uncertain of how to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages. Many injured victims end up hiring a car accident attorney in Mahopac, NY. An attorney can make a big difference in the way a case progresses, by contacting the insurance company and pursuing a trial, if needed.

Before an injured victim seeks the help of an attorney, it is imperative they are under medical care. Some car accident injuries can become debilitating and may require comprehensive and ongoing treatment. Not only will this treat a person’s injuries, but the medical records will also prove the injuries occurred so the attorney can use these records for pursuing a case in court.

The attorney will need to work with the insurance company before the case progresses further. This can often take time since adjusters will often offer unfair settlements that do not take care of the full range of medical bills and damages the victim has acquired. With limitations on the policy, it can often be difficult for a person to receive the amount they should be given. In this event, the attorney proves especially helpful by being able to schedule a trial in court.

In most cases, all parties will try to avoid court proceedings and settle outside of court. This may be accomplished through mediation meetings held between the victim, insurance company and the person held responsible. These third-party mediated meetings are sometimes successful in settling the details of a case, so the court does not have to get involved. The car accident attorney in Mahopac, NY will do everything possible to make sure a client receives the fair compensation they are entitled to.

People who have become injured in a serious car accident they did not cause should visit Spain & Spain PC. They are attorneys that work with car accident victims and assist them in their pursuit of a fair settlement. Victims should call right away and schedule a consultation appointment.

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