Why Advice from a DUI Attorney in Martinsburg, WV Matters

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Lawyers

Getting behind the wheel after having one drink too many is not the smartest move. Things only get worse when a police officer notices a driver is having a little trouble keeping the car between the lines. With an arrest for driving under the influence now a reality, the time has come to seek legal help. This is where a call to a local DUI attorney in Martinsburg, WV is in order.

Understanding the Applicable Laws

Most people do not have a firm grasp on all the laws having to do with the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any other type of drug. To truly understand the severity of what is happening, it is necessary to listen closely to what the DUI attorney in Martinsburg, WV has to say. Depending on the specific circumstances, some of those laws may have more direct relevance to the case than others. An attorney will know how to utilize those laws in order to represent the client to best effect.

Evaluating Procedure

Along with looking over the arrest report, the lawyer will also want to talk with the client and any witnesses to the arrest. The goal is to ensure everything was done within the limits of the law. If any required procedure was omitted, it could serve as grounds for having the charges waived.

Pleading the Case

The lawyer can plead the case for the defendant in front of a judge and do it better than the client could manage alone. As part of the remarks, the lawyer may note that the arrest was a first offense. When there is no doubt about the guilt of the client, seeking to provide the court with reasons to administer the least amount of punishment required by law is the goal.

For anyone facing charges of driving while under the influence, there is no need to show up in court alone. Visit  and arrange to speak with an attorney today. Doing so will ensure the rights of the client are protected and increase the odds for the best possible outcome.

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