What Type of Support to Expect from Bed Bug Exterminators in the Bronx

by | Feb 17, 2015 | bpoinfoline

Finding out that the home is infested with bed bugs is not something that anyone looks forward to experiencing. The good news is that the Bed Bug Exterminators in the Bronx will respond quickly and provide the support needed to bring the problem under control. Here are some examples of what they will do to help the customer feel comfortable in his or her home again.

Conducting an Inspection of the Home – The thing to remember about a bed bug infestation is that it is not limited to the beds. The bugs can be found in all sorts of places around the house. For this reason, the bed bug exterminators in the Bronx will make a thorough inspection of the entire home. During the inspection, the team will look under chairs, between the cushions of the sofa, and even in the folds in the drapery panels. The spaces around door frames will also come under scrutiny, and furniture will be pulled away from the walls to see if any of the bugs are lurking there. Virtually no part of the home will not be subjected to some degree of inspection.

Treating the Home – There are a number of newer products on the market today that the team can use to spray the house and bring the infestation under control. Some of these are pet-friendly and will not be harmful to any cats or dogs. These products will be sprayed along baseboards, over the carpeting, and any other spots where signs of the bedbugs are found.

Laundering Linens – All bed linens must be laundered using detergents that will dislodge the bugs. Typically, upholstered pieces will also be cleaned to remove any traces of the bugs. Even clothing will need to be laundered or dry cleaned if there are signs the infestation has spread to the closets.

Taking Care of the Mattress – When treating the mattress, the team will seal it in an airtight enclosure. This will ensure that if any bed bugs have burrowed into the middle of the mattress, they cannot escape and will eventually die. The recommendation is usually to leave the enclosure in place for a year.

For any homeowner who thinks that bed bugs may be present, call the team at Metro Pest Control today. They can inspect the home, discuss treatment options with the owner, and get started right away.

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