What to Look for in Home Health Aids in Oahu

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Health Care

Home health is designed to provide assistance to people who are not able to do certain things for themselves, at least for a time. The Help of this type is often provided during the days and weeks after a patient undergoes and operation and is allowed to recuperate at home. With some chronic conditions, the support may be provided on an ongoing basis. When the need for help from Home Health Aids in Oahu arises, it pays to work with an agency that can provide the level of assistance needed. Here are some specifics to consider.

Recuperating from Surgery

There comes a point when it is no longer necessary for a patient to remain in the hospital. With some specialized care, it is possible to complete the recovery process at home. This does not mean some type of help is not needed. Home Health Aids in Oahu can come in each day to help with matters such as changing the dressing on wounds, check the condition of incisions, and ensure that the patient it taking the medication approved by the attending physician. In some cases, the professional will also help the patient with light physical therapy.

Should the need arise, the professional will also interact with the physician in charge of the case. For example, if the area around the incision develops an infection, the professional from the home health agency will arrange for the patient to see the surgeon and work as part of the team to get the recovery back on track.

Dealing with Long-Term Needs

For some patients, home health is more about managed care that is needed for an indefinite amount of time. This is true when the patient has a chronic illness, or possibly when the patient does have a terminal condition. While at some point hospice care may be necessary, home health is typically employed prior to that time. The goal is to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible, takes medication on time, and in general has whatever is needed to maintain a reasonable quality of life.

Doing so will make it much easier to recover from surgery, or to make sure a loved one is cared for properly during their final years.

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