If you have made the decision to use simultaneous interpretation for your business needs, you will need to find someone who can perform these services for you. While many people choose to go through a language interpretation services company to find someone, it is still important to know what qualities to look for. It takes a special talent to be able to be a simultaneous interpreter. Therefore, you need to be selective in who you choose to do the job.

Special Training

Someone who is going to perform simultaneous interpretation needs to go through specialized training. The ability to speak in one language while processing another language you are hearing can be a complicated process. If someone is going to listen to a presentation in one language and immediately speak it again in another language, it will require plenty of practice and training in specific techniques that make it easier. This will ensure the interpreter you hire will be able to handle the job properly. You don’t want to go to great lengths to hire someone only to leave your non-English listeners confused.


You don’t want a simultaneous interpreter who has never had any actual experience. Being able to quickly and effectively translate what you hear and speak it clearly takes a lot of practice. Therefore, you need to be sure the company you choose offers only interpreters who have practical experience in the field. Rookie mistakes can lead to misunderstandings and confusion, neither of which you need when you are trying to portray important information.


There are certain certifications interpreters can earn in a variety of categories. When you are looking for an interpreter who is experienced in simultaneous interpretation, you should look at his certifications. An interpreter who carries the right certifications has a higher chance of going through continuing education that will keep him on top of the latest changes in the field. It also means he has passed tests that show his competence in the field, which can lead to better results.

Before you hire just any person who claims he is a simultaneous interpreter, it is important to know what qualifications you should look for in an interpreter. Simultaneous interpretation can be a difficult task, requiring special training and experience to be able to perform it well. If you choose someone without the right training or experience, you are risking miscommunication to your non-English speaking attendees. Certifications can also be an indicator of a quality interpreter, increasing your chances of success.

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