What to Know Before Choosing a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

A hydraulic cylinder is an integral component of a hydraulic system. It is a linear actuator designed to create a pulling or pushing force in a straight line. A hydraulic cylinder acts a hydraulic consumer that changes hydraulic energy into useful energy. A typical hydraulic cylinder has four major parts: the seal glands, piston, cap and barrel. Seal glands are found on the cylinder’s head, and help to prevent pressurized oil from leaking. The piston separates the pressure zones inside the barrel. It is attached to piston rod by nuts or bolts. The barrel is made up of a seamless tube and helps to hold cylindrical pressures. The hydraulic cap or base encloses the cylinder’s pressure at one end. Here are some important details to know before choosing a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora.

Top Four Classifications of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders can be classified into four broad categories according to their specification. They include:

• Telescopic Cylinders: They are also known as multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. They are commonly used in applications, such as cranes and forklifts.

• Plunger cylinders: They are also called ram cylinders. Plunger cylinders are usually placed in an upright position to prevent the supplied fluid from returning to its original position. They are mostly used in automobile service centers.

• Cable cylinders: They are operated in limited spaces. Cable cylinders have long strokes and create moderate force.

• Diaphragm cylinders: There are two types of diaphragm cylinders: rolling diaphragm cylinders and flat diaphragm cylinders. Both cylinders have a zero leak around the piston. Click here to know more.

Top Factors to Take into Account When Choosing Hydraulic Cylinders

• Stroke: This refers to the distance traveled by a piston in a hydraulic cylinder.

• Bore Diameter: It is the diameter of the rod or piston that used in hydraulic cylinders.

• Maximum operating pressure: This is the maximum amount of operating pressure that a hydraulic cylinder can withstand.

• Rod diameter: It the diameter of the rod or piston that used in a hydraulic cylinder.

These are just some of the important details to know before purchasing a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora. It is important to choose a certified hydraulic parts supplier, such as Miller Hydraulic Service Inc to get quality hydraulic cylinders at an affordable price.

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