What the Brain Injury Lawyers in Nassau County Will Help You Know About Brain Injuries

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Lawyers

Non-traumatic or traumatic brain injuries will not only require the attention of brain medical specialists, but also the attention of competent brain injury lawyers. These lawyers will seek total compensation of your brain injury from the liable persons. However, many brain injury victims do not know the different instances that cause brain injuries. Some of the brain-damage related questions that most people frequently ask include:

What can cause brain injury? Trauma is the major cause of brain injury and death among people aged 45 years and below throughout the country. Sports injuries, falls from heights and vehicle accidents are the most common causes of traumatic brain injuries. Direct traumatic brain injuries occur when individuals strike the steering wheels of the car with their heads. Any instance that causes brain injuries requires you to hire competent brain injury lawyers in Nassau County to file a lawsuit for your compensation.

What symptoms do brain injury lawyers and doctors look for? Although brain injury lawyers will detect some of the brain injury symptoms with much speculation, they will involve doctors who specialize in the treatment of the human brain to confirm the symptoms for lawsuit filing. Brain doctors will help the brain injury lawyers to identify brain damage symptoms such as dizziness, concussion, loss of hearing, loss of taste and smell, loss of vision and endocrinological disturbances.

Can lead poisoning cause brain damage? Brain injury due to lead intoxication is common especially in children who live in substandard housing. The inquisitive nature of the toddlers will make them roam from one corner of the house to the other putting everything they come across into their mouth.

If the toddlers put the peeling paint chips in their mouth, the lead levels from the paint chips will increase in their blood and cause brain injuries or lifelong mental retardation. In such cases, brain injury lawyers in Nassau County will file a lawsuit against the landlord and seek compensation from them for their failure to maintain standard housing.

If you or your children sustained brain injuries from vehicle accidents or chemical poisoning, you should hire experienced Brain Injury Lawyers in Nassau County at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III. These lawyers understand all laws concerning brain injury compensation and the right approach to apply in each case. Visit their website for more information about their service.

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