What is considered driving under the influence?

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Lawyers

Driving under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI is when a person operates a motor vehicle on public roads while under the influence of an illegal drug or excessive alcohol. In some jurisdictions it is called a DWI; driving while intoxicated. The act of operating driving a vehicle under any of these conditions is illegal and if an individual is arrested and charged, that person is well advised to seek the council of a DUI lawyer in West Georgia.

Every state in the US has laws against driving while under the influence, most countries have adopted laws of one sort or the other, although the penalties may vary in severity. These laws were designed to protect the interests of other innocent parties such as other drivers and pedestrians.

The laws apply only to those apprehended for driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in their blood or found to using illegal drugs. A person who is stopped and has been using prescription drugs is rarely charged unless it is found that the drug was being abused or if taking the drug was specifically banned if the patient were to drive.

The DUI and drug laws set a threshold of drug or alcohol that cannot be crossed and still be legal to drive. Anyone who has been drinking and then decides to drive must have less than 0.0799 ppm alcohol in his blood, anything 0.08 or higher is an offense and the driver will be subjected to sobriety tests and a breathalyzer, read his rights and then arrested. An individual with any BAC whatsoever and is under the legal drinking age is guilty. In these instances, having a DUI lawyer in West Georgia is recommended.

The levels of alcohol that are mandated by law are levels that, if exceeded, will begin to impair the judgment and reflexes of the intoxicated individual. The primary reason for setting limits and even having DUI laws is protect people, including the perpetrator from undue harm. In the case of being arrested while operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, evidence of any drug use is usually enough to substantiate a case as any amount of drug is enough to impair judgment.

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