What Does an Industrial Electrician in Wichita Do?

An industrial electrician’s job involves the testing, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in businesses. Many electricians have full-time jobs with large companies, but some work as independent contractors. There’s more electrical equipment in use today than at any time before, and industrial electricians’ services are in high demand.

Who Hires Industrial Electricians?

Companies such as automakers, steel producers, parts makers and mining companies may hire an industrial electrician wichita. While a person needs basic electrical skills to excel, electricians who focus on automated and robotic equipment often have a competitive advantage. Robots are widely used in various manufacturing industries; while they’re reliable, they require frequent maintenance and occasional repair. Industrial electricians who specialize in robotics can often find relatively high-paying jobs.

The Job Requirements of an Industrial Electrician

To do the job of an industrial electrician wichita, a person needs a minimum of a high-school diploma. During high school, job candidates should complete basic science and math courses. After graduation, a potential electrician must complete a 9000-hour apprenticeship program. Upon completion, the candidate must take and pass an examination.

Additionally, an industrial electrician must work under complex conditions. The typical electrician must work in enclosed spaces and climb machinery, and an industrial electrician must keep the lines of communication open between themselves and managerial staff. Electricians must be able to read and understand blueprints, and they must be able to visualize spaces.

Work Schedules

While most industrial electricians work set shifts, it’s common for employers to call them in during the off hours. When a machine breaks down, an industrial electrician wichita may need to come out without delay; this can make the electrician’s job stressful at certain times. Industrial electricians are rarely promoted to other positions. When promotions do occur, the electrician’s status can be amended to include managerial duties such as project oversight and supervision of lower-level workers. Most promotions occur only after an electrician’s fifth year of service or even longer.

Aspiring electricians can easily find jobs with manufacturing plants, government entities and job placement agencies. An industrial electrician wichita who continues his or her education, keeps up with technological advances and learns about the manufacturing industry will excel in this field.

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