What constitutes personal injury?

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What is personal injury?

There are many things that actually constitute personal injury, but simply put, if you have suffered an injury, either physical or emotional as the result of someone or something’s negligence, then you have suffered personal injury. Personal injury attorneys in OKC are called upon to represent the injured party.

The individual who caused you harm does not have to have done it intentionally, but the law says that if you are injured through negligence, you have the right to compensation. The most common causes of personal injury are vehicle accidents, slips and falls and work related accidents. Cases where you have been attacked and subjected to assault and battery, personal injury can be claimed as well as can attacks by dogs.

What is a personal injury suit?

When civil charges are brought against the person who caused the personal injury, this constitutes the personal injury lawsuit. The defendant does not have to be an individual; the defendant can be the government if you tripped on a broken sidewalk, your employer if you were injured using a defective piece of equipment or an unguarded machine or a doctor or the hospital if you if medical malpractice appears to be evident. As long as the common denominator is negligence, then you need to contact personal injury attorneys in OKC to discuss your case. This is an important step, and you will want to provide the attorney with complete information during the initial conference; he is in the best position to advise you on whether he sees a case that will prosper or not.

Should I hire a personal injury attorney?
If you feel your injury was caused by negligence, and you believe you are due compensation, then you need to hire personal injury attorneys. No matter how well you think you can present your case to the court, the award you get will be far greater when the facts are logically presented by a skilled attorney. The defendant in the case will challenge the claim with all legal recourse available to him, and if you are not represented, the defendant’s lawyer will literally have a field-day with you due to your lack of legal knowledge and acumen.

If the personal injury you suffered was the result of an automobile accident, the insurance company will be represented by their team of lawyers. The insurance company has only one thing in mind, to keep the award as low as possible. Without representation, the insurance company will befuddle you with the legal doctrine of contributory negligence and attempt to move the blame from their client to you. Without legal advice, the court could rule that the defense arguments have merit and rule against you.

When you are in need of personal injury attorneys in OKC you are invited to contact the Homsey Law Center for an initial free case review.

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