What are the Most Common Auto Transmissions Problems?

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Automotive

Today’s cars come with transmissions that are meant to last throughout the car’s life. To achieve this, you must keep your transmission in good working condition. Understanding common automotive transmission problems will help you detect problems before they exacerbate.

One of the most common transmission problems is shifting problems. When you have this problem, you will notice that the shifting is not smooth, when a gear engages but does not “stick”, when you feel a harsh lurch when shifting, and when you cannot hit the gear you want. This might be caused by the wearing of some of the moving parts or the loss of calibration of an external component that influences the transmission.

Another common problem is slippage. This refers to “sluggishness” when you are finding gears. When you have this problem, you will find that when the car is in “park” and you select “drive” and step on the gas pedal, the car will remain in place or the RMPS will rise instead of it moving forward. This, like shifting problems, is usually caused by worn parts, loss of calibration, and failing external components. It could also be caused by lack of pressure or low fluid levels.

You should take your car to a transmissions Plymouth MN shop when you get abnormal noises. A normal transmission that has clean fluid lubrication should be silent. When you hear a clicking, buzzing, clunking, or whining noise while shifting, this is an indication that there is a part that is worn.

Another common transmission problem is fluid leaks. You will have this problem when you notice the leak in the cement underneath the transmission assembly (the fluid will have a red tint) or when you have to regularly replenish the transmission fluid. Take the vehicle to a transmissions repair shop so that the root of the problem can be fixed.

Another common problem with transmissions is solenoid problems. These problems lead to lack of proper regulation of the transmission fluid. You probably have this problem if your gears shift or slip slowly and if you have the symptoms of low fluid described above but no fluid leak.

Another common problem is the jamming of the clutch. Again, you probably have this problem if you have the symptoms of low fluid but your fluid level is ok. You, also, probably have this problem if there is shaking and overheating and if the engine has reduced power.

If the transmission is making noise except while it is at neutral, you probably have defective needle bearings. If your transmission is overheating, you need not take it to a transmissions Plymouth MN specialist because the problem is probably that you are pulling a load that is too heavy.

Understanding common problems with auto transmissions is important because early detection will help you take action to prevent expensive repairs or even replacement of the whole transmission system. Visit Aamco Transmission and auto care in Plymouth MN for more details.

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