Ways and Reasons for Pittsburgh Custom Lifts

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Automotive

Almost every other truck or SUV seen on the road seems to be raised higher than normal. This is because they had their vehicle lifted. This means they had after market modifications done to their truck or SUV to make it higher off the ground.

There are several reasons why they install Pittsburgh custom lifts to their vehicles. Many times it is just for appearances. They want their vehicle to stand out from the rest. Many speculate that it is a “man thing”. The bigger means better argument is often a reason for a lift kit to be added. A lift can be done to a vehicle to provide smoother riding with larger tires. Raising the body from the tires gives more room for the suspension to absorb the bumps. Another reason for Pittsburgh custom lifts is to accommodate for off road driving. The higher suspension makes the vehicle more able to handle rougher areas.

In recent years, lift kits have become available to make it easier to install Pittsburgh custom lifts. The kits are more specific to the each vehicle. This saves a lot of trial and error in figuring what works best for your vehicle. There are different types of lift kits, as well. The main types include suspension, leveling, and body lift kits. Suspension lifts add height at the suspension. This provides more clearance from the ground to the suspension in the vehicle. Leveling lift kits are used to help keep the vehicle level especially when used for towing. Body lift kits raise the height of the body of the vehicle. This provides more room to use larger tires.

You can install any of these kits or even a combination. But, there is much to consider when doing so. The raised vehicle could have issues with handling and stability. It is often suggested to start smaller and work your way up if wanting a larger lift. This can help with determining what parts of the suspension may need adjusted to fit the vehicle and keep the driving and stability at a safe level.

Pittsburgh custom lifts provide a means to make a vehicle more unique. It can assist in making your truck or SUV more suitable to the way you drive it. It can also provide means to stand out from the crowd.

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