Two Scenarios Where Employees Shouldn’t Hesitate to Contact a Construction Injury Lawyer in Nassau County

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Lawyers

A good number of construction site workers are hurt on the job each year because of the carelessness of their employers. The good news is that most construction site companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance designed to protect employees in these scenarios. However, some employees find they have a difficult time getting what they need from their employer or insurer. If this situation sounds way too familiar, hiring a lawyer can be helpful. Here are two situations in which a construction injury lawyer in Nassau County can help obtain proper compensation for an injured employee:

Unscrupulous Tactics Abound

When it comes to workers’ compensation, many construction companies and their insurers would rather avoid hefty payouts to injured workers. As a result, some have been known to engage in unscrupulous tactics, including:

• Requiring employees to see a doctor they know will intentionally misdiagnose their condition or recommend that they return to work early

• Asking employees to return to work in a special position created just for them and then later eliminating that position

• Flat out denying an employee’s workers’ compensation benefits

If an employee suspects that any of this has been done to them, they should hire a construction injury lawyer in Nassau County right away. Not only will they help them recognize these unscrupulous tactics, but they’ll do what’s necessary to help them fight back against them. Contact them at The Law Firm of Joseph J.Perrini III for more details.

You Need to Bring a Lawsuit

In some cases, employees need to bring a third party lawsuit in addition to their workers’ compensation claim. This can happen if the employee believes that they were intentionally harmed by their employer, or they believe that a defective product was the cause of their injury. If an employee needs to file a lawsuit, an attorney will help them gather the necessary evidence to prove their personal injury case so that they won’t have such a hard time getting what they deserve.

Getting hurt on the job, especially at a construction site, is a serious matter. If an employee is having a difficult time getting recovering their damages, then hiring a construction injury lawyer in Nassau County should be their next step. Get in touch with the law firm of Joseph J.Perrini III or visit their website to learn more about why having an attorney is key to making sure that justice prevails in every construction site injury case.

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