Tips on Using Mailing Lists for Direct Marketing

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Business

If you’re a direct marketer you want to obtain mailing lists so that you can reach your targeted demographic in an efficient way. The first thing you should do is decide on which types of mailing lists you’re interested in and which ones would fit in with the demographic you’re trying to reach with your products. If you’re selling medical supplies to senior citizens you would seek to obtain mailing lists that are geared towards senior citizens. NCOA link service is a good way to obtain a mailing list because the NCOA is a list of recently changed addresses that you can use to send mass mailings out to.

Discuss What Is The Most Unique Thing About Your Products

Whether you’re using lists from a NCOA link service or other kinds of mailing lists to reach people as a direct marketer, you should mention in your correspondence what makes your products and services unique from the competition. This is important because the persons on the mailing lists receive hundreds of promotional offers and they want to know why your company stands out.

Talk About How Your Products Will Benefit Readers

When preparing your letters to mail to those on your mailing lists, you need to talk about how those products will benefit your readers. If you’re selling Christian based homeschooling study materials you can mention that unlike traditional homeschooling materials, your materials have a biblical emphasis on them and this would be of interest to religious families.

Remember Your Goals For The Marketing Campaign

When you prepare letters to send to those on your mailing list it is important to know your mission for the marketing campaign. These goals could be obtaining more signups for your newsletters, offering promotional discounts on new products you’re selling, seeking donations for a fundraiser or raising awareness about a social issue.

Direct marketing takes effort, research and a determined attitude to reach people with your products. Mailing lists are an effective way to contact potential customers in bulk and it is also important to be truthful when advertising to those on your mailing lists. Talk with experienced direct marketers to get advice on the best ways to utilize mailing lists for promotional purposes. Proofread all of your letters and don’t appear too gimmicky in your correspondence. Read some good books on direct marketing to assist you with this task. Never overload email inboxes with your letters because this is a turnoff for potential customers, and always write in a friendly and professional tone.

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