Three Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing Air Compressors in PA

An air compressor converts power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. Usually, an air compressor is attached to one of the various air tools or pneumatic tools to provide more power, longevity and ease of use. While there are many types of compressors, they all perform the same function of increasing pressure and reducing the volume of a given gas. Most air compressors work by filling a chamber with air, and then reducing the chamber’s volume. These are known as positive displacement compressors. Examples of positive displacement compressors include rotary vane, rotary screw, and reciprocating compressors. Before choosing a compressor, it is important to understand the intended uses. Here are three major questions that need to be answered before purchasing air Compressors in PA.

What type of drive system is required?

Knowing the environment within which the compressor is to be used will determine the drive system the device will use. Compressors are powered by either gasoline or electricity. Electric compressors are suitable for indoor applications since they do not emit fumes. They are significantly less expensive to buy and run and require less overall maintenance. Gasoline powered compressors are ideal for large industrial tasks.

What receive tank size will be used?

The size of an air compressor’s receiver tank is measured in gallons and is determined by the overall type of usage. If the unit is to sustain long periods of usage, such as an impact wrench or board sander, then a large receiver tank size will be needed. If the usage is in short, concentrated bursts, then a small tank size will be necessary.

Does the machine need to stationary or portable?

Determine whether the unit will be stationary or it will need to be moved around the facility. Stationary units are ideal for garages and workshops and are often installed in fixed area. Portable compressors are suitable for household jobs, such as powering a brad, inflating tires among other uses.

These are some key factors to consider when choosing air Compressors in PA. To get quality compressors at an affordable price, choose a certified air compressor supplier, such as Air Center Inc.. For more information about the different types of air compressors, please Visit the Website.

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