The Various Types Of Environmental Services In Kansas

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Business

There are numerous services that an environmental service company can provide for different types of industries. These services help to keep people and the environment safe from wastes that are hazardous and their recycling programs help to protect natural resources. Below you’ll learn about the various services available from a company that provides Environmental Services in Kansas.

Environmental and Safety Training

To keep your employees safe while working around hazardous materials, contact a professional company that specializes in educations and safety training courses. The course materials are based on the specific needs of each facility, which may include hazardous materials transportation, respiratory protection and hazard communication.

Used Oil Recycling

To recycle used oil for alternative burner fuel, a company picks up the oil from your facility in a transport truck and takes it back to their facility for processing. The oil is tested and analyzed to make sure that it meets state requirements. Used oil filters can also be collected in a special container and picked up by the environmental service company for recycling.

Waste Disposal

Depending on the size of your facility and the amount of hazardous waste that’s produced, waste can be collected in large drums or in roll-off containers. After collecting the drums, the facility disposes of the waste in a landfill that’s secured for chemical disposal. Facilities that generate an abundance of waste can request a roll-off dumpster for collection. When the dumpster is full, the environmental service company picks up the dumpster and takes it away for processing.

Hydro Excavation

To keep from digging in an area that may be unsafe due to underground lines, contact a company that provides Environmental Services in Kansas to dig down into the ground using hydro-excavation. By using water at a high pressure, it loosens up the dirt so that it can be removed using an air conveyor. Hydro excavation is commonly used for uncovering utilities, piling holes, debris cleans out and frozen ground installation.

ORI Environmental specializes in various environmental services including consulting, hydro excavation, used oil recycling and more. Visit the website at  to learn more information about each of their services and to contact the company to request a quote or for emergency response.

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