The roof of a building is one of the most critical components for keeping it structurally sound and preventing an infestation of mold and mildew. Commercial buildings are generally larger in size and can require the use of more specialized equipment during installation. For this reason, it is a good idea to find a company that has experience with Commercial Roofing in Brookfield WI. It is also important to consider all of the options available for roofing. While the following options don’t represent an inclusive list, they are the most sought-after choices.

Standard Shingles

The most common option is to use standard asphalt shingles. Shingles are the most affordable option, and usually have a lifespan of 15-20 years. The installation of shingles can be more time consuming than other options and, depending on the size of the building, can take up to a week to complete. Shingles come in a wide array of styles, so be sure to choose a color and shape that will add visual appeal to the structure.

Flat Roofing

If a building, has a flat roof, the best option is a flexible plastic membrane. It will make installation easy and, if constructed properly, will last for at least 15 years depending on the materials selected. Make sure to only hire a qualified installation team for flat Commercial Roofing in Brookfield WI. Someone who doesn’t have experience with this type of roofing will have trouble joining seams and ensuring no leaks are present after installation.

Metal or Tin

One of the longest-lasting options is a metal or tin roof. Most will provide up to 30 years of protection from leaks. Metal and tin are great options for buildings that have a high pitch roof, as water will be able to move freely down the metal surface and into a gutter system. Look at the various types and colors of metal available, and choose one that will accent the style of the building.

Waiting to have a roof replaced can lead to leaks, which can cause expensive repair bills. Contact the team at Waukesha Roofing and look at all of the roofing options available. They will help any commercial building owner choose a roofing material that will be built to last and suit the needs of the structure. Visit their website to learn more, or call and schedule a free, no-obligation quote.

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