Being able to choose wisely from among the many types of estate jewelry in Louisville can make the difference in deriving later satisfaction and value from the investment. With so many types and options for consideration, this article will go over some of the important classifications that may be found, and considered at estate sales. Knowing the types can help you know the value, as well as inform you about the pieces themselves according to their intrinsic and historic appeal.

In addition to contemporary pieces, art deco is a commonly encountered style which originated in France around the 1920s. This represents a combination of traditional craft motifs and a Machine Age imagery that you can recognize by very rich colors, and bold geometric patterns. There is also a sense of lavishness that accompanies these often symmetrical pieces, showcasing high-contrast elements in modern materials, including cubism with Egyptian and other cultural style revivals. Art Noveau is a romantic classification for jewelry that often featured beautiful natural designs. Often floral, or with arrangements including elements such as butterflies, this movement preceded Art Deco by nearly 50 years, although its influence managed to spread throughout the world. The curves and more naturalistic designs make it a continually resurging style. Edwardian styled estate jewelry in Louisville consists of expensive gems set into very elaborately designed pieces originating from the period following the passing of Queen Victoria, into the reign of her son, Edward.

Among other types to watch for are the retro pieces, vintage pieces, and pieces that have been signed by very well known brands and companies. When you are looking at specific pieces, make sure you perform a very careful evaluation of all sides of the piece in order to be well apprised of any damage, and also to be informed as to the correct condition. Check for those autograph marks that most of the vintage and more valuable jewelry will have. These marks can be located in very unusual places on the different pieces, so check inside the bale, the pin stem, edges, etc. When found, this can be an important clue to help you make this important determination. With jewelry that may not have been marked, but it still valuable, look at the hinges and clasps, or anything that may seem of more modern design. If an old piece of antique jewelry is boasting very modern adornments, it’s likely the remainder of the necklace is also of more modern origins. Gold or silver pieces do not reveal base metals underneath, even if worn, and air bubbles in supposed stones indicates glass, rather than a stone, is being represented. Once you have been more informed, your decisions on estate jewelry in Louisville will reflect that.

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