The main ingredients in Mexican cooking

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Mexican food is very popular in the US and has been for decades. Mexican cuisine made its way across the Rio Grande in the 1800s and it did not take long for a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas to open. America has fallen in love with the spices and flavorings typically used in the preparation of Mexican food.

In the deep south of the US, the cuisine that is best known is “Tex Mex.” Tex Mex food is basic compared to the real food of Mexico, Tex Mex stops with refried beans, nachos, tortillas, burritos, enchiladas and tacos. Real Mexican food is a combination of the foods of Spain that were brought by the conquistadors and the Indian foods from the Aztecs and Mayans as well as the Apache tribe. If the word Creole is used figuratively, then indeed, Mexican food is Creole as it comes from many cultures.

A Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas may feature food from a specific place in the country. Food found near the coast of course favors fish and other seafood. Inland, beef and chicken are mainstays as are goat and pork. Food will invariably be flavored; the favorites are chili powder, garlic, cilantro, cumin and onion. In certain areas and in certain foods one will find hints of brown sugar and cocoa powder. One thing is for sure, the spices used in Mexican cooking give it the complex flavors.

Every country has its staple foods; Mexico staples include white flour or corn tortillas, beans and rice. With these few staples a good Mexican cook can prepare a wide variety of meals especially when using the popular peppers; jalapeño, chipotle and ancho along with many other regional varieties.

Mexican food is cooked either by deep frying, stir frying or baking. The method employed to cook depends of the dish and the cook. There are a few authentic Mexican dishes that have made it to the Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, Menudo and tamales being two of them. Although cheese is frequently used in Mexican cooking, it is the real thing, Manchego being one of the most important. American processed cheese is frowned upon in Mexican cooking.

To end a meal, various sweets flavored with honey and cocoa are popular, Flan and coconut pudding are very popular desert dishes.

Roberto’s Taco Shop has set the standard for a walk up and drive through Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. For over 40 years, the people of Vegas have been enjoying the authentic Mexican food prepared by Roberto’s.

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