The Importance Of Maintaining Fire Sprinkler Systems in Salt Lake City

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Business

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Salt Lake City help to save lives, but the systems are not immune to problems. Once a sprinkler system has been installed, it needs to be properly cared for or it might not work when it is supposed to. Mistakes that are overlooked can cause some serious problems. For example, if a room is being painted and the painters tape is placed around a sprinkler head, the tape has to be removed so the sprinkler can work. Unfortunately, removing the tape is something that might be overlooked. Also, what if items are stacked too close to the sprinkler head? The items could block the water that is supposed to put out the fire.

In order to prevent problems, people have to maintain their Fire Sprinkler Systems in Salt Lake City. They can visit a website dedicated to fire safety to learn all the tips and tricks for handling sprinkler systems. Also, the people who install a system can give tips on how to care for it. One tip that people will learn is to make sure that the sprinkler system has water flowing to it. A common problem is someone accidentally shutting off the valve that supplies the sprinkler with water. Properly labeling these valves can help prevent people from turning them off. As part of a daily safety check, the valve can be looked at to ensure that it is in the correct position.

Although signs near the valves can be effective, there are better precautions that can be taken. One option is having the valves connected to a fire alarm system that will monitor whether the valves are in an on position or off position. There are also locks that can be used to keep the valves in open positions. Using all three methods of making sure valves stay open is the best bet. The same company that installs the sprinkler system in Salt Lake City may be able to install the alarm system, locks, and should have signs that can be placed near the sprinklers.

Sprinkler systems and smoke detectors work together to give people some serious protection against fires. A sprinkler system can help prevent a small fire from getting out of hand and burning down a building.

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