The Experts Who Save Homes After Flood Damage in NYC

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Home Improvement

Every night, TV newscasts show photos of the emergency workers who help homeowners during disasters. What they rarely televise are the experts who specialize in saving property after Flood Damage in NYC. Businesses such as Maspeth Environmental Corporation provide emergency services and teams of disaster recovery technicians. They keep clients safe, remove water, save property, and prevent future health problems

Emergency Services Protect Clients

Disaster cleanup professionals offer 24/7 service and make it easy to contact them. Most businesses are online and, when clients Visit the website, they can quickly find a list of available services and emergency phone numbers. As soon as companies get a call, they send teams of professionals who bring trucks with water extraction equipment. Some also have tanks filled with clean water. Technicians act quickly to make sure that customers are safe from polluted water, unstable buildings, and hidden dangers. They may also protect homes from further damage using tarps.

Professionals Save Homes and Belongings

Whether Flood Damage in NYC is caused by storms, fires, or plumbing problems, experts create custom plans that get most water out quickly. Their truck-mounted equipment can pump hundreds of gallons in a very short time. As they work, businesses may remove or pack out things that can be saved. They are stored until experts can clean and restore them. Technicians also have drying equipment that gets the rest of the water out of carpets, walls, floors, attics and basements. Many companies use technology to measure moisture levels, so they know when every area is completely dried.

Technicians Clean and Restore Homes

Once homes have been dried, specialty teams come in to clean, sanitize, and deodorize. Cleaning teams can restore tile, windows, wood floors, carpet, and fabrics. Other professionals look for signs of mold, which usually begins to grow within hours after water damage. They isolate the fungus, remove it, and treat surfaces to prevent future growths that could cause health problems.

New York homeowners call environmental specialists after disasters because the companies provide emergency services that protect customers. They have the training and equipment to remove any amount of water, eliminate toxic mold, and clean all home areas.

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