The Different Attributes Found in Carpet Selections

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Gardening

Carpeting can easily enhance a room. Unlike hardwood, it is a much softer material underneath the feet. There are certain qualities of this material that puts in on par with wood floors. Advances in technology in the production have enhanced several desirable attributes. Depending on the style of the home and what is needed, there are numerous options to choose from.

Carpet has many different options on thread design. Loops, whirls, shag and other types are available options. Some thread designs are more conducive to more formal settings. Other designs such as shag are more indicative of an informal and fun room. The way the threads are laid will determine how soft or hard the carpet is underneath the feet. Take some time to explore the different thread options to determine which will work best in the room.

Color is another attribute that is hard to ignore. Unlike hardwood which has to be stained to retain its color, carpeting is already dyed in an endless array of color options. Since this is one of the base colors of the room, the carpeting can enhance the room’s color scheme. Like hardwood, lighter colors can make a room feel bigger. Darker colors can make a room feel rich and deep. The trick is to pick a color range to narrow the choices and then go from there.

The stain resistant properties are a must have a feature in high traffic rooms or homes with children and pets. This attribute can vary depending on the brand of the carpet. If there is a certain type of liquid that gets spilled regularly, check to ensure how well the carpeting can withstand this liquid. Carpet with this attribute can cost a little more per square footage. However, it is quickly becoming a standard industry practice to include this in most carpeting options.

Carpeting has a wide range of attributes to consider. There is a ton of different options with different thread designs, colors as well as stain resistant properties. The most difficult choice is deciding which style compliments the room best. For more information on the different carpeting options, contact Carpet Discount Warehouse. You can like them on Facebook.

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