The Bail Bond Bridgeport Process

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Business

A Bail Bond Bridgeport is a bond which covers a percentage of the total bail fees required by a court of law for release of an inmate. The percentage is typically up to 20% of the bail determined by the judge presiding over the case. A Bail Bondsman posts bail for the defendant after the bond process is complete.

The process begins after the arraignment. At this time, the presiding judge establishes the required bail amount based upon the severity of the crime and whether the defendant is a flight risk. The family members of the defendant contact a bail bondsman to post bail.

The bail bondsman establishes the required bond amount. The family member pays this percentage of the bail directly to the bail bondsman. A contract is signed stating that the defendant will appear in court on the schedule court date. In the event, he or she fails to do so a warrant is issued by the judge, and all funds are forfeited. This includes any property used as collateral for the bond.

Next, the Bail Bond Bridgeport is taken into the county jail where the defendant is held. The bail bondsman talks to the correctional officers within the designated jail. Documents are filed for release of the defendant based on requirements of the county court system. Unfortunately, some county and state laws prohibit the release of inmates on weekends. If this is the case, the bond is submitted the following Monday.

The bail bondsman may also act as a point of contact between the defendant and his or her family. Inmates are legally allowed one phone call in most settings after arrest. They are additionally allowed to contact a bail bondsman from the jail to act in their behalf in terms of posting bail. A bail bondsman does not act as an attorney for the accused. Visit experienced bail bondsman at Affordabail for more information.

Release from the county jail may take up to a few hours depending upon the requirements of the county court system. Once the bail bondsman submits the bail bond documents to the jail, out-processing for the defendant begins. All property in which he or she had in their possession at the time of arrest is returned at this time.

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