Steps in Filing a Claim With a Property Insurance Service in Altoona PA

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Business

Property Insurance Service in Altoona PA is intended to protect customers against damage and losses related to windstorms, fires, hail, tornadoes and other natural hazards. If a disaster happens, the customer will be required to file an insurance claim to be reimbursed for their losses. To ensure a smooth, accurate and hassle-free claims process, the customer should consider the following tips.

Calling the Property Insurance Company

The customer should notify the insurance provider of the damage as soon as is possible after a disaster. Prompt notification increases the customer’s chance of getting just compensation, and it also gets the claims process started faster. When speaking to the property insurance company, customers should ask questions about the claims process, so they’re armed with the knowledge they need. The customer should also ensure that the insurer sends a loss notice form, so their statements are put into writing.

Providing Documentation of Losses to the Property Insurer

The insurance provider will need evidence of the damage done to the property so they may assess the value of the loss. A common type of evidence provided by customers is photos of the damaged property. If it’s possible, the policyholder should take pictures of damage to belongings and the structure of the home; video may also be useful. If the loss is related to a crime such as theft, the customer should include a copy of the police report in their insurance documentation.

Additional Tips for Filing Property Damage Claims

For most property damage claims, an adjuster will visit the premises to evaluate the damage. To help the adjuster do their job, the policyholder should gather damaged items in one area. While the adjuster is on the scene, they may be able to provide an advance loss payment. These early payments can help policyholders get the money they need to start repairing the damage.

Performing due diligence before damage occurs can also make the eventual claims process simpler. Policyholders should keep insurance documents in a fireproof safe for easy access even after a loss. An accurate inventory of personal belongings, including date and price of purchase can be enormously helpful when it’s time to Visit the Website and file a claim with a Property Insurance Service in Altoona PA.

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