Knowing when it is time to invest in Replacement Windows in Lexington KY is not always cut and dry. If you live in a home that is over 15 years of age, it is safe to say that now is a good time to ensure your windows are still performing well. Things to consider include if they are easy to open and close, if you have noticed moisture on the interior of the windows or if they seem cracked or warped around the frame.

Some tips to help you determine if it is time to put Replacement Windows in Lexington KY in your home are highlighted here.

Do Your Windows have Single-Pane Glass?

A number of older homes still have the original, single-pane glass windows they were built with. However, these are just not energy efficient options. Chances are these windows often freeze in their position and feel icy or cold when touched. They may also frost on the inside, which will increase the chances they may break, which could cause damage to your home.

Does Your Home seem Extra-Noisy?

If you live in a location that is close to a busy street, an airport or in an urban neighborhood, there is no question that noise can be a huge concern. If you replace your window with laminated glass or a dual-pane window, it can reduce the amount of noise coming into your home. In many cases, homeowners are surprised when they see what a difference new windows can make.

Fading Furniture and Carpet

When ultraviolet rays enter your home through patio doors and windows, it can result in fading of your artwork, window treatments, carpet and furniture. However, when you upgrade the windows to a more energy efficient product, you will find that this fading is eliminated, saving your belongings from further damage.

If you are ready to replace the windows in your home, contact Affordable Exteriors today. Here you will find a huge selection of windows for your home that can reduce or eliminate any issue you may have. Be sure to consider all of the options to find the right type of window for your space.