Replace Your Old Roofing Materials or Simply Protect them with a Roof Coating in Tucson

Roofing can add a great deal of value to a home while protecting it from heat, storms and winter weather. Though many homeowners give the aesthetics of their roofing materials the most consideration, components involved run far deeper than what lies on the surface. Ralph Hays Roofing caters to all elements associated with a structure’s primary line of defense against the elements.

In Tucson, the Santa Fe style is most prominent for roofs. While this is considered a flat roof, some degree of the pitch needs to be in place for the longevity of the roofing material as well as the home lying underneath. Should an insufficient angle be built in, rain water and melting snow or ice could pool on top of the home and lead to accelerated damage, such as decay, moisture damage, and mold? Roofing specialists can determine whether this may be an issue and alert homeowners if further action should be taken.

Among the advantages of flat roofs is the ability to more easily apply new materials to those already in place; however, this could also come with its fair share of problems. Should existing materials exhibit extensive damage, adding another layer could lead to greater issues inside the home. In some areas, building codes dictate only a certain number of layers can be added before replacing the roof. In the event these guidelines are violated, a homeowner could be forced to put forth the added time and expense of removing all those in place and having an entirely new roof installed.

Flat roofs can be revamped with a Roof Coating Tucson rather than replaced in many situations. These protective applications tend to last a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven is depending on the material and coating being used. Feel free to Click here for the alternatives available. Though these are offered in an array of colors and reflective options, caution should be exercised when choosing. Some homeowners’ associations hold stringent restrictions on these elements, so covering all bases before booking a roofing contractor is advised.

Whether having a new home built or simply curious about applying a Roof Coating Tucson to materials already in place, contact a local contractor for more information. Annual inspections are additionally recommended to ensure homes are well protected. Though these professionals tend to be well versed in area building codes, check with your neighborhood homeowners’ association before having repairs and replacements implemented. Browse the Visit the website

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