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by | Oct 7, 2015 | Home Improvement

Like most things that are done infrequently, bathroom remodeling, although the thoughts of it are exciting, can be a daunting task. There are a few things that a homeowner can do to ensure a perfect bathroom remodel.

Style: Spend time looking in home design magazines and surfing the web looking at picture perfect bathrooms. Take a time to close your eyes and visualize yourself in the room, not everything you see may be perfect but at this stage the idea is to separate that which you like from that which you don’t.

Layout: Make a scale plan of your bathroom; play with the various configurations that are possible that suit the available space and the needs you have identified earlier. Although there is design software available to help, most people find that using a scale drawing and scale replicas of the tub, shower stall, toilet and vanity sink to be quite practical. Before you decide the approach, you wish to take you should be asking a remodeling contractor to offer a price on the renovation.

Many bathrooms are quite small, in order to offset the look and feel of a cramped space use a glass-walled shower stall, this helps to maintain an open look and does not act as a barrier to light. Use light colors, mirrors, and clever lighting design to help give the impression of spaciousness.

Finishes: There are an infinite number of finishes and combinations of finishes for the walls, floor, tile, stone, paint, and wallpaper. For the floors the best is ceramic or vinyl tile, ceramic tile is ideal for the walls especially in the shower and in the tub area. The countertop can be granite or quartz or laminate if the budget is tight.

Fixtures: There is a wealth of bathroom fixtures available when you undertake bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY, there are also a number of factors that will affect your decision on which to install. Cost is a big factor but as a bathroom renovation is not something that is done often most homeowners will opt for style as well as water conservation. Older toilets such as the one that is probably in your bathroom now use as much as 20 quarts of water every flush, modern, water-efficient toilets only use seven quarts or less.

Contractor: Perhaps this is the most important decision you will make, ensure you hire a local contractor that is well known for quality bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY.

If you are looking for a contractor that is recognized as being among the best for bathroom remodeling in Rockland County NY you are invited to contact RWS Building & Remodeling.

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