Regular Furnace Maintenance Reduces Heating Emergencies

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Business

There’s nothing worse that waking up in the middle of a cold winter night and realizing that the furnace isn’t working. While it’s certainly uncomfortable for the people who live in the house, it can lead to frozen pipes. That can mean burst pipes and a costly plumbing repair. Therefore it’s important to find a Heating Repairs and Installation in Rockford contractor who makes emergency calls in the middle of the night. It will warm a cold resident’s heart to see a uniformed technician arrive in a well-stocked service truck. Usually they can have the furnace up and running within the hour.

The best way to prevent this problem is to have the furnace cleaned and serviced once a year, preferably in the fall before the intense heating season begins. The technician will clean the furnace and inspect the hoses, valves and pressure gauges that keep a furnace running. If he sees any that are showing signs of age he’ll recommend that they be replaced. However, he won’t do anything until he provides the homeowner a written list of items that need to be replaced or repaired and the costs associated with those.

In addition to minimizing any furnace breakdown, an annual maintenance visit will make the furnace run more efficiently. The service technician will also replace the air filter. This ensures that the air in the home is as clean as possible. HVAC companies, such as Allen Heating and Cooling, often offer maintenance clubs. The client pays an upfront fee and receives an annual furnace maintenance visit in return. If they have an air conditioning system, they also get a free visit to clean and maintain that. Club members receive discounts on all labor and parts. They never have to pay an overtime charges, even on nights and weekends. Perhaps more importantly on a cold winter night, they get priority on the schedule. During an Illinois winter, that could mean the difference between frozen pipes or burst pipes.

Before signing a maintenance contract, the homeowner should find out how many technicians are on call on any given night. If there is only one person available and five homes with contracts need help, it could still be a long wait.


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