When you visit a car dealership, you may ask a few questions before, during or after negotiations. Whether you’re buying a used or a new car, asking certain questions can affect the price you get. Below are the most common questions asked by buyers at Local Ford Dealers Dover.

What is the best price I can get? This question is usually asked soon after a buyer arrives at a dealership. The ‘best price’ question is a conditioned response that has no significant value to either the seller or the buyer. As a car buyer, you likely do not know what you would willingly pay for a vehicle that soon after arrival. A salesperson may not know how to respond because they don’t have the authority to OK the sale, or because they don’t know the best price. Pricing questions should be asked after test-driving your chosen vehicle.

What rebates do I get? Car rebates are discounts that buyers get on new vehicles. Asking the sales staff about rebates on different models could tell them that you’re not a serious buyer. If you want to know more about rebates, consider asking for online quotes. After receiving those quotes, you can ask about rebates. You can also learn about rebates in your area by looking on the car manufacturer’s website.

How much is my trade-in worth? It’s best to leave your car out of the deal until negotiations begin, but many people ask about trade-in value before asking about anything else. Most salespeople respond by giving you the car’s KBB value, but book value does not always match up with what the dealership offers. Ask the salesperson to get your car appraised for a definitive cash value.

How long do special orders take? Many people want to custom-order their vehicles, and in most cases, Local Ford Dealers Dover can only give an estimate of arrival time. If your chosen car isn’t in demand, the dealer should be able to find another dealer who has the vehicle you want.

The above questions are useful when negotiating a fair price on a new car, but others are simply habitual responses offered by almost every car shopper. By avoiding these questions unless they are necessary, you can focus on negotiating and get out of the dealership quickly with the car you really want.

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