Questions Roofing Companies in Loveland CO Ask to Determine Why a Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a common problem that many homeowners face. Unfortunately, while diagnosing the problem is easy, discovering what is actually causing the roof leak can be hard. Roofing companies can help homeowners discover what is causing the leak.

The following are several questions that the professional roofing companies in Loveland CO area will ask the homeowner to determine what may be causing the leaks.

The first question that will be asked is how long the problem has been around. Many homeowners will wait to call a roofing company for a roof leak because they believe it is a onetime deal. This decision can be costly as the damage may spread.

It is important to give an honest answer to the roofing companies, in regards to how long the leak has been present. If the leak has been present for a long time, the roofing companies will closely inspect the roof from all angles for further damage that may have resulted from this prolonged leak.
The second question that roofing companies will ask is how many layers of material are used to make the roof. Layering materials is not a practice that most roofing companies encourage, but it is commonly done as a result of a quick patch job to the roof. Unfortunately, multiple layers can result in numerous leaks as the older, original roofing materials under the new ones wear away.

If you are unaware of how many layers of materials are used to create your roof, let the roofing company know. They will go up on the roof and inspect the roofing materials to determine if multiple layers might be the possible cause of the roof leak.

The last question that will be asked is ‘have you seen any other problem spots’. Sometimes homeowners will notice several small leaks throughout the house, but not associate them with a leaking roof. It is important to tell a roofing company all the problems you might have encountered in the past with roof leaks or even show them where the leaks in the past occurred, as it can help them diagnosis the entire problem.