Occupational Therapy In Old Saybrook CT Is More Than Getting To Work

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Health Care

Various types of therapy can be confusing to understand for an individual who is unfamiliar with them. Occupational Therapy in Old Saybrook CT can be easily defined by viewing the words separately. Occupational is defined as the way an individual occupies their time. Each individual is unique, but the occupation of the time can still be separated into various categories. These categories are self-care, work and leisure. These are the way individuals spend their time. Therapy is added when one of the three areas need to be enhanced or to regain function in that area.

Occupational Therapy in Old Saybrook CT can be administered for self-care. This could be assistance with sleeping, grooming, dressing, toileting, eating or many other personal areas of an individual’s life. Work is the effort an individual uses to perform a task or make something. Leisure if the time an individual has that is not occupied by anything other than what they want to do. Any task that is performed during the day by an individual falls into one of those three categories. Improving the occupational areas of an individual’s life can rapidly improve the quality of life for an individual.

When an illness or injury prohibits an individual from functioning independently or effectively in any of these three areas, therapy in any of the occupational areas can be utilized. This intervention of service can maintain a better quality of life and overall functioning of the individual. A therapist can also offer various accommodations to the individual to assist in other difficulties. An example of accommodations may be utilizing a walker or other types of mobility equipment. The main goal for occupational therapy is to increase independence and functional activity.

After an injury or accident, strength in upper or lower areas of the body may feel weak or the range of motion may be lacking. Occupational therapy can help to strengthen those areas one step at a time. For an individual that has other delays or disabilities that interfere with their life, therapy can teach them life skills, healthy choices and a variety of other things. For more information on occupational therapy, please feel free to Click here.

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