Make Your Call Count: DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Lawyers

One drink too many can turn a simple night out with friends into an event with lasting effects. Being stopped and arrested for DUI is no joke and can have long-term consequences. At the best it can lead to a suspended license and court fees, at worst it can lead to incarceration, life-long revocation of driving privileges, loss of job, and possibly a family. Time is of the essence when facing DUI charges; it is never too soon to call a DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston.

West Virginia has strict timelines when it comes to license laws and DUI’s. Depending on the severity of the offense (alcohol blow level and chemical testing results), licenses can be suspended for as little as six to nine months or as long as a life-long restriction. It is possible to fight to have a license returned, but it is imperative that you request a trial with the DMV to discuss your rights and desire to have your license reinstated.

In addition to license suspension, a DUI may come with fines up to $500 (not including court fees) and mandatory jail time. Jail time can run from twenty-four hours to six months (or more for repeat offenders) behind bars. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible can help reduce the time spent in jail and the length of time a license remains revoked.

Those facing DUI charges may face far-reaching effects on their lives. Suspended licenses may result in the inability to travel to and from work or school. It may mean depending on others for transportation, which may not mesh with required schedules.

Incarceration often results in the loss of job and the need to disclose charges for future job applications. Those who hold specialty licenses or certificates, work in the medical or legal fields may lose their ability to continue in their line of work. It can also cause undue stress on relationships and lead to further legal issues, in particular for those who share custody with previous partners.

Regardless of whether DUI charges are aggravated or non-aggravated it is imperative to call a DUI Defense Lawyer in Charleston soon after being charged with a DUI. It can mean the difference in hundreds of dollars, time spent in jail, and loss of driving and working privileges. Don’t delay call today.

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