How to Prevent a Blocked Toilet

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Plumbing

When your toilet flushes slowly or overflows, then there is clearly something blocking the pipes. In most cases, you will need to contact plumbers in Norcross to have the issue looked at and fixed. A clogged toilet is almost always caused by something that went into the toilet that shouldn’t have.

People toss all sorts of items into the toilet. The most common is toilet paper, and tossing too many into the bowl in a single flush can cause a serious issue. Some TP also isn’t easily dissolvable and can slowly build up in the pipes over time. Other items that can attribute to a blockage include cotton swabs, cotton balls, baby wipes, and menstrual pads. Hair is another common culprit. Just as hair can cause a sink or shower drain buildup, it can also cause a toilet to back up.

As a rule of thumb, toilet paper is the only manmade object that should be thrown into the toilet bowl. Even then, you still have to be careful not to use too much during a single use. Try looking for toilet paper with the label “septic safe.” These are usually designed for camper and RV use and dissolve much more quickly than the conventional TP.

If the toilet is draining slowly but not overflowing, then you can try addressing the issue yourself with a plunger or plumber’s snake. Refrain from using commercial drain cleaners as these typically contain abrasive chemicals that may damage the pipe’s inner lining. If DIY methods fail, then contact plumbers in Norcross to have the toilet examined by a professional.

Also, if the toilet appears blocked, don’t keep trying to flush as this will only cause more water to be pumped into the bowl and increase the risk of an overflow and wastewater pouring onto the floor. You can also prevent more water from being pumped out by opening the tank and sealing the flapper. You should also spread some newspaper on the floor if you believe an overflow is inevitable.

A toilet blockage is easily preventable but occurs frequently as a result of homeowner negligence. Should a backup occur, look for plumbers in Norcross to have the clog cleared and the toilet restored. The handyman will also provide advice on further home care tips to prevent future instances from reoccurring. Browse website for more details.

Plumbers in Norcross can repair a toilet that’s backed up. To avoid having to call up plumbers in Norcross in the first place, do take care of your toilet and be mindful of what you toss into the toilet bowl. Get in touch with Business Name for more information.

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