How Often Would You Need A Computer With An All Weather Outdoor LCD Screen?

by | Apr 24, 2015 | Computer

Those of us who use laptops, tablets and smart phones will often wish to use them out of doors but not usually in inclement weather. Just so long as the monitor screen is readable in sunlight, we will be happy. Even the most fanatical users are not going to sit on an exposed park bench in a thunder storm trying to read his email. So, what use do we have for an All Weather Outdoor LCD screen?

But, What If The Computer Is Not Actually For Individual Use?

That same park (above) might also contain attractions that its management wishes to bring to the public’s attention. One way that they can do this is by signage. However, we live in the digital age and static painted signs are thought to be a little “old hat” and restricted in what they can depict and how much a passerby will read from them.

With so many of us getting our regular input of information from off a screen – be it TV, PC or any other digital device – strategically placed display screens around the park (that extol the nearby attractions in pictures, videos and words), should be capable of imparting more information to more people. However, be they battery or mains powered the computer hardware that puts the images on the screen will not survive being exposed to the elements.

Weather Protection

Back when CPU’s etc ran hotter and monitors were all cathode ray tube type; weather proofing them would not have been an easy job so it was rarely even attempted. But, the advent, of fan less computers that do not require external ventilation and transmit their information onto a flat screen monitor; changed all of this. These modern systems can be easily enclosed in a weather proofed box. Furthermore, flat screens are remarkably thin (even when large sized) and the computer electronic components have shrunk to truly miniature dimensions.

The Display Panel

With the whole thing inside a sealed, robust enclosure that is not much larger than the display screen itself, an All Weather Outdoor LCD screen is basically nothing more than a panel that can be conveniently mounted on any wall or frame at a location where many people are expected to pass by. The screen will have been selected on the basis of full readability even in strong light or when viewed at quite a large angle. Apart from facility information, such All Weather Outdoor LCD screens have many more applications. They can be used to display transportation information, general advertizing, route directions; or even weather forecasts and warnings.  In fact, they can provide signage anywhere on anything relating to the dissemination of information.

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