How and why to transfer money to India from Canada via the online platform explained

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Business

Canada is a nation with a sizable Indian migrant workforce, which depends on remittance services to transfer their hard-earned money to India. Many Indians there ponder constantly how to transfer money to India from Canada. A lot of research is done by them regarding the remittance services and their merits and demerits. Countless Indians, settled in Canada, transfer money to their loved ones in India using online remittance services. The instant money transfer to India offered by online remittance services has greatly influenced many remitters. Many remitters desire a speedy money transfer to India. They get that via online money transfer services.

Besides, online money transfer services also offer attractive exchange rates with low/zero transfer fees. Some online remittance providers reward loyal customers, who increase the membership of these online remittance providers. Remitters need not go to banks personally and fill in the documents to initiate a money transfer. That process is to be followed in case one subscribes to conventional remittance methods. That process can be tedious, time-consuming and cumbersome. With online money transfer services, the transaction is paperless devoid of complex paperwork.

This matters a lot in the world of today, in which most people have hectic professional lives. Therefore, they look for speedy money transfer platforms. Online money transfer enables these people to remit money online from the comfort of their homes through their PCs. The transaction is initiated within a few minutes and it ends within 1-4 days. That is the personification of comfort and ease. ‘Customer support’ teams are deployed 24*7 by established online remittance service providers to assist customers in a state of confusion.

It is because of these reasons that remitters are increasingly turning towards online remittance services.

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