How a Family Doctor in Summerwood Can Determine High Blood Pressure

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Health Care

High blood pressure is no laughing matter, and it can come about at any time. Hypertension knows no age limit; some people have it at 18 while others never get it. There are a couple different methods of measuring blood pressure. For the correct measurement of blood pressure, a Family Doctor in Summerwoods can use two methods:


Auscultation has to be done manually, using a stethoscope and connected to a manometer which is the device that measures the pressure of an inflatable cuff. It is based on certain sounds, and is heard after the cuff is placed around the arm of a patient, and inflated to a pressure above the systolic blood pressure limit. There will be an audible sound as the cuff prevents the flow of blood through the artery. When the nurse or Family Doctor in Summerwood deflates the cuff gradually, he or she will hear a sound during equalization of the cuff. When the cuff pressure falls below the diastolic pressure, the sounds cease to be heard, and that is when the diastolic blood pressure is determined. This method requires the ears of trained personnel, a quiet environment, and suitable measuring devices.


The oscillometric method is used by automatic devices. In this case, in contrast to the auscultatory method, which is based on the detection of Korotkoff sounds, the oscillometric method is based on the detection of oscillations caused by blood as it begins to flow back into the machine. When the cuff is inflated above the systolic pressure there are no pressure changes; but when it is deflated to the systolic level, pressure begins to be detectable through oscillations caused by the apparatus. As the air pressure is slowly released from the sleeve, the amplitude of these oscillations increases to a maximum and then decreases as the blood flow to the limb is normalized. The apparatus performs the determination of the figures based on the increase of the amplitude of the oscillations in the case of systolic blood pressure; and the point at which the oscillations tend to stabilize for the diastolic blood pressure. Contact Care 4 Houston to learn more.

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