Home Damaged in a Fire? Hire a Fire Damage Clean Up Company in Vancouver

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

A residential fire is a terrifying experience. Hopefully the smoke detector worked well and the family was able to get out fast. The most terrifying thing for any parent is not to be able to get to a child. They have to wait for the firemen in their protective gear and oxygen tanks to try and find them. When they are out safely, everyone breathes a sigh of relief. That is the most important thing. However, having a place to live is also important. The next hurdle the family has to face is the condition of their home. The local fire chief and perhaps even the state fire marshal will have to determine if the home is structurally safe.

After that determination, the homeowners will have to bring in a fire damage clean up in Vancouver company to bring the home back to life. The fire department may have uncovered some beams and walls that have to be repaired. To protect the safety of the people working in the home, these issues have to be dealt with first. After structure has been stabilized and local officials have signed off on the renovations, soot and odor removal can begin.

If a person hasn’t walked through a fire scene before, they may not realize how many pungent and terrible odors can exist there. What looks like a lost cause to a homeowner can sometimes be cleaned. That’s why it’s important for a professional to be on the scene immediately. They will know how to minimize future damage and to start the clean-up process. Most fire damage will be paid for by insurance companies. Therefore it’s imperative to hire a fire damage clean up company in Vancouver that knows how to work efficiently with insurance adjusters.

It’s important that a representative from the fire damage clean-up business accompany the insurance adjuster on their inspection. That way no items and areas will be missed. Since most clean-up companies and insurance companies use the same methods to calculate costs, if the To Do list is complete, the claim should be approved quickly. However, homeowners should remember that insurance companies make money by minimizing claim payments. That’s why it’s important to have a professional represent the homeowner during the process.

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