Helpful Tips when Looking at Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Jewelry

When it comes to proposing, a person needs to get as much right as possible. What that means is creating the right setting, find a romantic yet unique way of popping the question and most importantly, making sure that out of the many diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs that are available, choosing the right one. This may be easier said than done, but there are some helpful tips to help a person find the right diamond ring at the right price.

The first thing is to consider alternatives, such as looking for jewelers that sell diamond engagement rings without a designer name attached to it. The fact is that designer names can often jack up the price of a diamond considerably, well beyond its intrinsic value. Unless a person has a great deal of discretionary money to spend, and they know that their potential spouse will enjoy having a designer ring, there are many quality rings that can be purchased without designer names at much lower prices.

Another thing to consider is purchasing diamonds that are slightly under a particular weight or carat. An example of this is purchasing diamonds that are at least one carat or higher. In these cases, a person will likely end up paying a premium for these types of diamonds. To avoid this premium, purchasing something slightly under one carat, such as something around .96 carats is recommended. This is essentially the same size diamond, only with minor weight differences. By not reaching the 1 carat threshold, these diamonds will likely come in at a price that avoids premium prices.

Above everything else, a person needs to understand their budget. They need to consider how much money they could potentially spend on diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs, and stick to that budget. It may be tempting to go over, but a person doesn’t want to put themselves in the position where the ring that they decide to give to their soon-to-be spouse is too much money for them to afford.

While there are many other things to consider about purchasing a diamond engagement ring, these tips can be very helpful. By taking a bit of time to understand how to get the best prices, while getting the best quality, you’ll be in a better position to purchase an engagement ring wisely.

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